Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning 

Mornington Peninusla and South East Melbourne Surburbs

Hi Vis Window Cleaning keeps many shops and offices around South East Melbourne looking clean and shiny. 

We provide regular commercial window cleaning services for:

  • Shopfronts
  • Office buildings
  • Factories and Industrial complexes
  • Show Rooms
  • Body Corporate properties
  • Internal glass (such as displays)
  • Aged care centres

Hi Vis Window Cleaning specialises in keeping your business looking great with shiny clean glass! Also check out our Facebook page or Instagram feed for the latest offers and examples of clean windows!

     Would You Like a Quote?

    Sparkly windows for sparkly businesses

    We understand that business managers are short on time and window cleaning can be a job pushed to the back of the list of things to get done. That’s why we work efficiently. We can maintain a program of commercial window cleaning for your business, ensuring your windows are clean all year round. We are happy to inspect any site, large or small to provide you with a free quote and plan to get your windows cleaned.

    If you’re happy to proceed with the quote we then work out a date and time that is best for your business. Many of our clients prefer their windows to be cleaned outside of business hours. This is to avoid disrupting customers or employees. When we clean your windows after hours, we make sure to leave a friendly note so you don’t accidentally walk through that sparkly, impeccable glass!

    Feel free to contact us or give us a call on 0493 263 941 if you desire any further information on how we can help your business maintain clean windows and displays.